Welcome to DanWeecks.com!  Dan is an Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFI-I) and Commercial Pilot (FAA), entrepreneur, and public speaker.  He enjoys working as a Public Information Officer and first responder with the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team and other non-profit response organizations.

Dan Weecks speaks to audiences about a variety of topics, and also offers services as a consultant to businesses and organizations.   No matter the presentation, Dan uses his own personal experiences to connect with audiences of all ages to deliver a message that effectively challenges and inspires attendees.  In fact, previous audience members have reported being so motivated by Dan’s talks that they find themselves making positive changes in both their personal and professional lives immediately.  After giving his “Digital Storytelling" lecture to a group of about 70 students ages 13-18 at the 2018 Chief Science Officer summer camp, Dan received an email from the organizer saying “Thanks Dan – the students loved your session! CSO Leonardo (8th grade) was so inspired that he wants to make a 'day in the life of a CSO' movie."

Since Dan has such a diverse set of experiences ranging from getting struck by lightning, competing on American Ninja Warrior (season 10, LA Jurassic World Night), being a sponsored athlete (bodybuilding), nationally certified personal trainer, business owner,  and more, he is able to customize each talk to the needs and background of the audience.  Dan is an accomplished business person, empowering mentor, and consultant who genuinely enjoys being able to make an impact in people’s lives.  Dan particularly enjoys speaking to students and young minds, and has lectured at schools and universities in the United States, Austria, and Germany.  Dan’s powerful messages resonate with audiences all over the world from students, to non-profits, to corporate leaders… he would enjoy the opportunity to speak to your organization!