Our puppies have been rescued!

Final Trip Cost (travel fees & medical combined):  $28,000+

24 Innocent Lives have been saved

In Mobile, Alabama, there were 24 dogs who were scheduled to be killed on November 1st, 2017 because there was no more room in area animal shelters.  3 of those dogs are mothers, and the others are their babies (puppies under 4 weeks old), 2 of which were in need of urgent medical attention.  Dan Weecks and Peyton Lindbloom donated their time and resources to facilitate rescue transport to save all of these animal’s lives.  6 of the dogs (1 family) and one puppy were adopted out right on the tarmac in Alabama, and the other 17 were flown back to Phoenix, AZ.  We still need your help to make this rescue mission a success, since many of the dogs are in need of medical attention which will cost thousands of dollars more.

What went in to the rescue flight?

Renting a plane for an 18 hour round trip, paying for fuel, additional landing and service fees at airports for potty breaks, food and toys for the animals during transport, and veterinarian prescribed and administered sedatives don’t come cheap.  The total cost of the rescue mission is almost $7,000. 

The Third Coast Animal Rescue in Mobile, AL prepared the dogs for the flight, and currently the dogs are being cared for by the Follow Your Heart Rescue in Phoenix, AZ (located inside the Supersition Mall) until they are adopted and find their furever homes..

Our Supporters

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All donations go directly to Follow Your Heart Foundation.  To receive a donation receipt, please call (480) 807-0085.