Dan Weecks' official team art for American Ninja Warrior Season 10 - original artwork by Emily Wood

Throughout his upbringing, Dan had many unique experiences and mentors which helped him decide on his early career as an entrepreneur, concentrating on corporate advertising and television hosting. In 2017, Dan decided to become a pilot and begin flying; currently he is a Private Pilot working towards a commercial pilot license.

With family support Dan worked on a litany of projects, some of which led to becoming a published poet at age 11, accepted to compete in a Honeywell science innovation competition with his invention “Bird-B-Gone", and shortly after, the youngest filmmaker to compete in the Peoria Film Festival, with three films accepted in 2008.  In Dan’s academic history, he was a repeat recipient of the Bergamo Scholarship (in honor of broadcasting legend Ron Bergamo) as well as multiple Honor scholarships for his academic achievements before he graduated college with an Associates in Applied Science in Motion Picture/Television Production and a Certificate of Specialization in Film Production.  After graduating college, Dan went on to produce many independent projects through his production company, Weecks Productions, LLC; in addition to these projects, Dan conceptualized and became the Executive Producer and Co-Host of the Talk Around Town TV talk-show which has had two very successful seasons with viewership in over 150 countries.  Dan’s company Weecks Productions, LLC currently holds multiple government and private sector contracts and is authorized by the FAA for aerial sUAS use and production.

 Dan has survived a lightning strike, speaks German, and has had the opportunity to support many worthwhile causes.  Before he had graduated college at age 19, Dan had served on the Board of Directors for AC4GC, a non-profit corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona devoted to preserving and promoting Germanic cultures, as well as a Director on the BoD for the New Life Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which provides support and educational services for organ and tissue transplant donors and recipients.

In late 2012, Dan was appointed Executive Festival Director and Chairman of the Zeitgest Medien Fest (International Film Festival) and also became the newest member on the Phoenix Oktoberfest planning committee.  Charged with branding the first and on-going ZMF film festival, Dan designed a website, festival structure and design and implemented promotional strategies, as well as built a cohesive plan which made the festival a financial and social success, ultimately benefiting Arizona’s communities as well as the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures.  Since 2012, Dan has traveled the world spreading the word about the ZMF Intl. Film Festival and has lectured at universities and colleges in the USA, Austria, and Germany.

During his career with many diverse experiences, Dan has had the pleasure of working with many well known figures like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, Olympian Gold Medalists Misty Hyman (2000) and Henry Cejudo (2008), Emmy Award Winning Actor Bill Oberst Jr., Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and more as well as many dignitaries.  In 2016 Dan received his sUAS operator license from the FAA, and currently holds a Private Pilot certificate with an ASEL rating.  In his free time Dan volunteers at the Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA no-kill animal shelter, and also flies animal rescues around the country.  Dan routinely speaks to audiences of young minds between the ages of 11-18 years old and is involved as a mentor with STEM based education groups such as the Chief Science Officers.