“In addition to your technical expertise and ability to work well with others, I was impressed with your pleasant, productive manner.  You established instant rapport with my staff and colleagues."

-Barbara Barrett, Ambassador of the United States of America, RET.

“I’d particularly like to compliment Dan Weecks from Weecks Productions, LLC.  He seemed to capture the true spirit and purpose of the evening and offered a sincere tribute to each of the honorees.  Your honorees are all remarkable women who must feel appropriately regarded."

-Robbin M. Coulon, Director of Legal Services, Area Agency on Aging, Region One

“My students found it interesting that you graduated from their school and are such a success.”

-Gary Horowitz, 12th grade American History Teacher

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dan on 2 separate events with AzSciTech Digital projects (creating youtube student stories and helping students to capture “what it means to be a CSO" at the 2017 Summer Institute). What I enjoyed the most is watching him tell his story to students and driving home that a love and passion for what you like in STEM is a good start.

He was able to help students understand how to capture themselves on video. He gave successful tips about getting the best product possible using the basic mediums provided.

Especially noted, was his willingness to allow fellow CSO’s to come in and learn first-hand about Digital Arts using his professional equipment and studio/sites.

Do I recommend him for Jedi…YES!  Do I recommend him as an AESD Jedi….Absolutely!"

-Denise Hicks, Middle School Teacher

“Compared to other production companies, Weecks Productions was definitely the most professional, the most on the ball, asked the right questions."

“Very professional.  I would highly recommend Dan Weecks."

-Roxane Barwick, Manager, ASU Center for Political Thought & Leadership

Pictured below are some companies and entities with which Dan has had the pleasure of collaborating on one or more projects.

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