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Professional Association Memberships
National Association of Flight Instructors
Dan is part of the professional group NAFI, as well as the groups and programs listed below. He is committed to providing the greatest value to students by continually furthering his knowledge, professional development, and keeping current with new technology and teaching methods.

Please fill out the following and email to DanWeecks@gmail.com or bring a printed copy to our first meeting.

As an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Dan provides the following services:

  • Private Pilot (from never having been in a cockpit to becoming an FAA certified Private Pilot)
  • Commercial Pilot (Ground & Flight Training)
  • CFI (ground school and some flight training — contact me for details)
  • Flight Reviews
  • Drones (sUAS Ground and Flight Training)
  • Public Speaking about aviation and becoming a pilot
  • Skype Ground School sessions


  • High Performance Endorsement (ASEL)
  • Complex Endorsement (ASEL)

Aircraft rental, insurance, and other associated costs not included (but may be provided)
$45/hour (billed in tenths of an hour)
  • Flight Training
  • Ground School
  • Skype Ground School Sessions
  • sUAS (drone) training (Flight and Ground)
  • *Public Speaking (rates may differ)

“I've only known Dan for a few short months, but in that time I have learned more from him than I thought possible. 

Dan’s organization is out of this world, and his overall flow and use of acronyms really helped me take my flying to the next level. 

Dan really knows his stuff and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering aviation as a part of their future."


-Andrew Acton, student pilot 

Some great YouTubers and channels to follow will teach you the fundamentals of flying and about the industry, and these are:

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