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Turn your video game skills into success

The extent of my gaming growing up basically went as far as James Bond Goldeneye (for Nintendo 64) and occasionally GTA San Andreas when it was brand new back in 2004.  Granted, there were other games here and there but when I was reminiscing the other day, I realized Rockstar North was on to something… life is the ultimate role playing game.  Sure you probably can’t spawn a Hydra (▲▲■● anyone?) and fly directly into Area 51, but you’re still the hero of your own story and that’s a lot cooler than any PS2 game.

As you may know, I started my first successful business when I was 15 years old and started motivational speaking to go with it.  During one of my speeches I came up with a rule I still live by: do at least 1 thing each day to positively contribute to your future.  Mind you, I was still a teenager though so I squeezed in the “occasional” CoD session and my dad made it a point to remind me of my rule to keep me focused.  So what do video games have to do with your future?  Every day you wake up you have an opportunity to “level up” if you will.  You can learn lessons from virtually all your experiences and work to create the future that you desire.  Here’s the thing though… NOBODY can do it for you except you.  Unlike in the games, there are no cheat codes in real life.  There’s no easy way to do the hard work.  As writer Rodger Lawson II puts it, the subtle mindset shift from victim to hero is what allows gamers to excel at anything we set our minds to.

What about when it gets hard?  Some call this “the grind” (check back with me next week about why I despise that phrase) while others just call it “hard work”.  Like I said before, there’s no magic bullet but hey, challenges are the fun of story mode! Don’t believe me? You must not have found the secret painting slide in Super Mario 64.  I can attest though, the things which take the most time are often the most rewarding and fun and if you can find a way to enjoy this necessary part of the journey you’ll be well on your way to success.