If you count your macros, you’ll love this recipe. If you don’t count your macros, why not?!?!

So here it is everyone, my very own simple ice cream that fits in your macros. It’s got 2 (optionally 3) ingredients, 78g of protein per serving, and the taste is DELICIOUS.  Disclaimer, my protein powder serving size is 1 scoop which contains 26g of protein, and I’ll be using 3 for this recipe.



  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • 100% whey protein powder (any brand, any flavor)
    • Optional:  Stevia


  1. Pour a serving of Greek yogurt into a bowl.  Make sure the bowl is big enough for mixing
  2. Pour 1.5 servings of whey protein powder (for me it was 1 scoop with 26g of protein).  You can opt to use less protein if you desire.
  3. Mix protein in with yogurt until it’s a smooth, uniformed consistency.
  4. Add another 1.5 servings (scoops) into mixture, and continue to mix until silky smooth.
  5. If you like things on the sweet side, add a dash of Stevia.
  6. Stick the bowl in the freezer for about an hour, or until  the top part starts to crust over.
  7. Take the newly forming ice cream out of the freezer and mix well.  The bottom will be slightly runny.
  8. Stick back in freezer overnight.
  9. Enjoy!

Steps with pictures