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Throughout his upbringing, Dan had many unique experiences and mentors which helped him decide on his first career as an entrepreneur, concentrating on corporate advertising and television hosting. In recent years Dan has become a Commercial Pilot and volunteer first responder.

Dan has worn many different hats with a vast range from teaching new pilots how to fly to consulting for the Arizona State Board of Education about changing policy and standards, digital security consulting for various clients, public speaking, and more. With family support Dan worked on a litany of projects before starting his career, some of which led to becoming a published poet at age 11, accepted to compete in a Honeywell science innovation competition with his invention “Bird-B-Gone”, and shortly after, As the youngest filmmaker to compete in the first Peoria Film Festival, Dan has three films accepted to show in 2008. Shortly after, Dan became an Intern for the City of Peoria’s Communications Department and worked with the City Council, TV Station (Channel 11), and other departments within the City. During his career with many diverse experiences, Dan has had the pleasure of working with many dignitaries, elected officials, and well known figures like Secretary of the United States Air Force Barbara Barrett, Muhammad Ali, Senator John McCain, Emmy Award Winning Actor Bill Oberst Jr., Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and more.  

Dan has since worked with animal rescues around the country on a volunteer basis doing animal behavior training, rescuing, and animal rehabilitation.  Additionally, he has spoken many times to audiences of young minds between the ages of 11-18 years old and was involved as a mentor with STEM based education groups such as the Chief Science Officers (Scottsdale, AZ). Dan is conversational in German after having spent much time in Germany and Austria (where he was once struck by lightning).

  After his early formal education Dan served on the Board of Directors for AC4GC, a non-profit corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona devoted to preserving and promoting Germanic cultures. After Dan’s weight gain over the next few years directly related to his being struck by lightning, he decided to become a nationally certified personal trainer. His newfound passion for health and wellness led him to serve as a Director on the Board of Directors for the New Life Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which provided support and educational services for organ and tissue transplant recipients and donor families.

Using his personal training and experience hosting and producing various TV shows, Dan was cast to the 2018 season of American Ninja Warrior, on which he competed in the Jurassic World Night.

Curriculum Vitae

• In January 2020, Dan Was Nominated, And Then Subsequently Chosen As A Finalist, for the Luke Air Force Base’s “Luke Days Hometown Hero Flight”. According to Luke.Af.Mil, “The Hometown Hero program allows the public to nominate outstanding citizens to receive a familiarization flight in an F-16. This flight allows us to showcase Arizona citizens doing amazing things in their communities, paralleling the amazing efforts put forth by Luke Airmen every day.” • At the beginning of 2020, Dan accepted a job instructing at one of Arizona’s top flight academies. Dan was initially standardized to instruct as a Part 141 instructor for the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean ab initio programs, however transitioned to instruct for the school’s Part 61 “Pathways Program” teaching domestic airline cadets how to fly!
  • Dan is a Pilot Cadet with SkyWest Airlines, and looks forward to the opportunity to fly passenger service in a CRJ jet.
    • Dan currently is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFI-I) and Commercial Pilot (FAA, SEL/MEL/IRA).  The majority of his training was done in the Phoenix, AZ area, however to finish his commercial SE/ME and CFI checkrides he moved to Kansas City, MO to expedite the process and work on an accelerated timeline.  Dan had the privilege of working with some truly excellent aviators such as his multi-engine instructor, Bill Hays, who used to be a charter pilot for President Barack Obama in his days as a Senator.
    • Mountain Girl Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Flagstaff, AZ offered for Dan to become a Director on the Board of Directors.  Dan gladly accepted the Director position along with a role as the rescue’s Business Development Executive.
    • Dan’s company Weecks Productions, LLC currently provides broadcasting services producing graduation and live event videos at Cardinal’s State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ for multiple agencies. Weecks Productions, LLC is based in the Phoenix area and is authorized by the FAA for aerial sUAS use and production services.
    • Dan is a volunteer for the American Red Cross as a Public Information Officer and first responder, both of which frequently require him to head directly into disaster areas to assist in recovery efforts and in some cases, has required providing immediate medical or other emergency care. Part of these roles is assisting with community events like preventative fire alarm installations, blood drives, and educational events.
    • During his flight training in early 2018, Dan became the Digital Marketing Strategist for Westwind Air Service, the premiere charter airline which provides Grand Canyon sightseeing and tour packages using their fleet of fixed wing aircraft.
    • In Early 2018 Dan was recommended as a consultant for the Arizona Department of Education on its new Technical Standards Validation Committee. He was accepted by the AZ DoE and subsequently became the only non-governmental business person that year to consult for the committee.  The committee was looking to validate, review and revise the technical standards for Arizona’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Film and TV Production programs and was very successful in validating, combining, adding, deleting, and refining the existing technical standards for the state Film and TV Production programs, which will result in an industry standardized learning environment for high-school students all across the State of Arizona.
    • Dan's fitness journey led to being cast and competing on American Ninja Warrior (NBC) during the Jurrasaic World Night episode.  The episode was S10E02 with Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard, and aired on June 6, 2018.  One of Dan’s published books is “Bodybuilding Anywhere”, available now on Amazon, in which there are behind-the-scenes pictures and ninja training tips and tricks.  Through his ninja training, competitions, and involvement with the ninja community Dan has become friends with some of the greatest athletes in the world like Olympic freestyle skier (2018) Elizabeth Swaney, Brian Rambo (ANW), Adam Rayl (ANW), and more.
    • For approximately 3 years beginning in 2016, Dan was the Co-Chair of the Arizona Skills USA video production competition.  The competition was part of a nationwide competition giving high school students the unique opportunity to showcase their acquired knowledge and skills for video production, through a variety of projects in different categories.  This program runs the duration of the school year in some aspects and presents state finalists with the chance to compete on a national scale during a 2 day state wide summit.
    • After previously participating in the NTIA proceedings on UAV (drone) best practices, Dan received his Part 107 sUAS operator certificate from the FAA in 2016, and was the second person in the country to do so (due to a time difference).
    • In 2017, Dan became a nationally certified personal trainer with ACT accreditation.
    • Dan's TV show concept, Puppy Pilots, was created in the year 2017 and has since garnered an international viewership.  Puppy Pilots (www.PuppyPilotShow.com) has partnered with media conglomerates like The Dodo, Fox News, CNN, and most recently was featured on the Japanese Prime-Time TV show “Amazing Stories” (October 2019).
    • In 2014 Dan conceptualized and became the Executive Producer and Co-Host of the Talk Around Town TV talk-show which was sponsored by Best Buy, and in its prime, was distributed online in over 150 countries with occasional network TV airing in the United States and showcased in Best Buy stores.
    • Dan had served on the Board of Directors for AC4GC (Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures), a non-profit corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona, for just a few months in 2014 when he proposed starting an international film festival, known as the Zeitgeist (Medien Fest) International Film Festival.  His work as a Director of the Board was devoted to preserving and promoting Germanic culture in Arizona and as a Film Festival Director traveled to multiple Germanic countries to lecture in universities, high schools, and community events to drum up submissions, as well as coordinate and run the annual festival.
    • Concurrently with his BoD position at AC4GC, Dan was offered a position as a Director on the Board of the New Life Society to serve next to retired Arizona State Senator Leo Corbett and some other very influential business people.  NLS (now the Transplant Community Alliance) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which provides support and educational services for organ and tissue transplant donors and recipients.  Through partnerships with the Donor Network of Arizona, local hospitals, and other groups the New Life Society was able to effectively fundraise through license plate and private donations and provide many life altering workshops and support avenues for organ transplant recipients and donor families.
    • During this time Dan was also working as a Talent Manager and Publicist and through various clients and projects worked with musicians, Olympic Gold Medalists Misty Hyman (2000) and Henry Cejudo (2008), hypnotists, a magician, and was invited to visit Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.  His work with Weecks Productions, LLC and as a consultant led him to work with Barbara Barrett, Secretary of the United States Air Force (2020) and Retired United States Ambassador, the late Senator John McCain, Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth McGregor, and many more.
    • Dan was a repeat recipient of the Bergamo Scholarship (in honor of broadcasting legend Ron Bergamo) as well as multiple Maricopa Community College Honor scholarships for his academic achievements before he received an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Motion Picture/Television Production, and a Certificate of Specialization in Film Production at Scottsdale Community College.  Dan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management through the Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ.

    Projects Directed and/or Produced

    Below is a brief sampling of projects produced and/or directed by Dan Weecks. For a more complete filmography through 2016, please visit Dan’s IMDB page.